Artlantis (Full version), Keyserver and plugins downloads : here

! Please note :

> The Keyserver shouldn't be installed on a computer where Artlantis is already installed

> The Keyserver and Artlantis are not officially supported on virtual machines, please install them on physical ones

Screenshot showing the problem with virtual machines:

- Disable the antivirus/firewall on your server and on the client's computers for Artlantis: 

On Windows: 

Allow Artlantis in your firewall or proxy and exclude the following path from your antivirus :
  • C:\Program Files\Artlantisx   
  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Abvent_Artlantisx   
  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Abvent   
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Abvent\Artlantis

On Macintosh:  in the System Preferences, Security and Privacy tab, check if the FileVault and Firewall are on. If they are, exclude Artlantis and its components from them (Batch Render, License Manager...)

- Install the Keyserver on the Admin session of the server (run it with a right click > Run as administrator)

- Restart the server

- Activate your team license

- Open the ports used by the Keyserver on your firewall

- Artlantis 6.5 : 50150, 50151, 50152

- Artlantis 7 : 50700, 50701, 50702 

- Artlantis 2019 port numbers: 50800, 50801, 50802
- Artlantis 2020 port numbers: 
50800, 50801, 50802
(The same port number of versions 2019 and 2020 means that you cannot run these two keyserver apps on the same server at the same time) 

- Restart the Keyserver (or the complete server if the Clients Allowed are still on 0)

Client computers: 

- Install Artlantis on the Admin session of the client's computers (run it with a right click > Run as administrator) where you want to use Artlantis

- Run Artlantis and click on Keyserver

- Connect your computer to the Keyserver by entering the IP and Port showed on the Keyserver

            -  The list of the connected computers will be displayed on the right panel of the Keyserver.

            -  The first connected computer will take one seat of the license.

            -  The number of computers that can use Artlantis at the same time is determined by the number of seats your serial number contains.

           -  You will need to disconnect (close Artlantis) one computer to be able to connect another one if all the seats are taken.